Indicator light 

  • Light off, no power or failure happening.

  • Red Light constantly on: under voltage (one time per second), caddy will not work.

  • Red Light flickering quickly: overload (five times per second), caddy is in over current protected after 10 seconds. ​

Button functions

Start: Press Button A and Button B together 

Accelerate: Press Button A

Decelerate: Press Button B

Stop: When MC007 is going, Press Button A and Button B together to stop 

Speed/Cruise Control: When MC007 is restarted it will resume the last speed used. 

Optional function

DCF (distance control function): When MC007 is stopped, press the release button (Button B) for more than 2 seconds or until the green light starts to flicker quickly, release the button, the MC007 will go forward for 10 seconds and stop.

​When the MC007 is stopped, or when its motor brake is on, press and release button (Button B) for more than 5 seconds or until the green light starts to flicker slowly, release the button, the MC007 will go forward for 20 seconds and stop.



Charging and care of the battery

Prior to using your caddy, make sure it is assembled correctly and the battery is fully charged.  The battery and charger come with an easy connection system.  The battery must be fully charged until indicator light turns green; at least over night before its first use.

  1. Always recharge the battery as soon as possible after use, no matter how short the period of use.  Your battery will charge best, lying flat, in a warm airy location.                                                                                                                                     *In the winter or cold climates, it is best to charge the trolley off any concrete floor; preferably in a warm location within the house.   

  2. During play, minimize the drain on the battery by avoiding taking your caddy into the rough whenever possible. 

  3. Avoid as much as possible allowing golf trolley to pull you up the hills.

  4. In between use, always leave the charger connected to the battery with the power on.

  5. If you are not playing golf for awhile, you may disconnect the battery once it is charged. The battery will need recharging every month to maintain its life and must be recharged prior to every use. The battery should be stored in a dry and warm environment. 

  6. The battery is a sealed battery. If you intend to take your caddy and battery on an airplane, we advise that you contact your airline prior to travel.

  7. Be very careful not to drop your battery. The battery casing can easily crack; severely compromising the batteries life.

  8. Always charge the battery as soon as you possibly can after use; within the same day.

  9. Always keep your battery on charge between rounds. If you disconnect the battery or the mains, the charger will assume that a different battery has been attached and offer a bulk charge.

IMPORTANT: First plug the outputting plug to your battery and only then to the AC source. Make sure that you have correctly aligned the pins as indicated.  Plug input end of charger to AC supply.

Fitting the battery

Rear wheel assembly

The quick release mechanism has been designed for easy-use. 

  1. Push the pin located on the hub of wheel to unlock the wheel. 
  2. Push wheels into the first notch of rear axles. This is the freewheel mode. Freewheel mode makes it easy to pull or push manually.  
  3. Push wheels into the second notch. This engages drive mode. 

Note: Make sure the wheel is locked, or the wheel will break off.  When the wheel is locked properly, you will hear a “click” sound.  The two wheels must be engaged in the same mode. 

Speed control features

Indicator Light

Connect battery plug with plug on chassis. 

After fully charged, fix the battery to the caddy.

Motorized Cart

1. Quick release wheel system.

Pull up to attach or remove wheels.

3. Cart folding system.

To fold cart, pull up release bar.

5. Rear wheel foot brake.

Step on the pedal to lock the wheel or release the pedal to let it free.

4. Patented adjustment upper bag holder.  Flip out to release and adjust to proper height.

6. Velcro to hold golf glove.

*Optional umbrella holder shown

7. Adjustable lower bracket.

Allows custom angle for club removal.

Balances center of gravity.

Operating Instructions

Push Cart PC007

2. Easy foot brake attachment.

Lift pin, slide on and replace screws.